Sean Perkins of North

Part of the fourth Detour Ahead series of design lectures at the University Of East London, Sean Perkins from North came in to share with our students two of the major projects him and his practice has been working on. The Coop and Tate re-brands.

Sean Perkins is best known for founding the studio North, where he has worked on a series of iconic corporate identities for a folio of renowned clients, including; RAC, First Direct, Barbican, Land Registry, Telewest, The Royal Mint and Carat. Sean has said that his work is about, “building the essential elements that an organisation is known by: name, logo or symbol, colour typographic style and visual language, and how you uniquely put these together, how you express these to create a sign, an image. We create the building bricks of an organisation’s DNA.”

Timeless logo's

Timeless logo’s

Sean Perkins giving lecture about the Co-op re-brand.

Sean Perkins giving lecture about the Co-op re-brand.