Stephen Lawrence Bursary Poster

Stephen Lawrence Bursary PosterPoster designed by Stephen Barrett our Typography lecturer, with UEL Graphic Design’s very own, Sameer Resistant Sam for the Architecture department’s Stephen Lawrence Bursary. Sameer created the amazing portrait!

Here is the text that appears under the image that contextualises the piece and explains why we wanted to be involved in the project:

Stephen Lawrence (born 13 September 1974) was the son of Jamaican parents and grew up in Plumstead, South East London. He excelled in running, and studied technology and physics at Blackheath Bluecoat School, and English language and literature at Woolwich College, and was hoping to become an Architect. On 22 April 1993 Stephen was murdered in a racially motivated attack. Five suspects were initially arrested but not convicted. A public inquiry was held in 1998 concluding that the Metropolitan Police Service was ‘institutionally racist’, and recommended that the double jeopardy rule should be abrogated in murder cases to allow a retrial upon new and compelling evidence. In 2012, nearly 20 years after the attack, two of the original suspects stood trial in light of ‘new and substantial evidence’ and were found guilty of Stephen’s murder. More information about Stephen can be found at:

As the designers of this poster, we felt it important that this space be used not only to advertise this bursary but also to pay tribute to Stephen’s life and pass on his story. The portrait above is based on an uncropped version of the photograph that was used by the media, and significantly includes his raised fist. The symbol of the raised fist () has been used throughout history as a sign of solidarity, unity and resistance, particularly in the face of violence. This seemed an appropriate and poignant symbol to represent the story of Stephen Lawrence and felt particularly relevant in light of recent and continuing global events.