Victoria,” German writer/director Sebastian Schipper’s fourth feature, was shot in one continuous, uninterrupted take with a small cast and crew, in the wee small hours in Berlin around 4:30am on April 27, 2014, finishing at about 7:00am.

What you see in this impressive, tightrope act of pure cinema, which follows exchange student Victoria (Laia Costa) on a dark night of the soul with a band of criminal Berliners, is exactly what you get, and it’s not a gimmick. Which is why Schipper gives his DP Sturla Brandth Grøvlen top billing in the end credits. Not since Alexander Sokurov’s 2002 “Russian Ark” has a film, by my watch, so exuberantly used the one-take form to drive its narrative, which in “Victoria” is a sort-of heist thriller story, but as the director insists, “it’s not about a bank heist; it is a bank heist.”

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Text taken from Indiewire