24×36 A Movie About Film Posters

Discussion and introduction to One sheet movie posters by Ed Gill. Then screening of 24×36 A Movie about film posters

The beginning and ending of Kevin Burke’s movie poster documentary 24 x 36 consists of the kind of history they don’t teach in film school, but ought to be of interest there nonetheless, as the evolution of movie marketing artwork is explored. From the history of screen printing to the evolution of Photoshop, we see what worked in different decades and why; in the pre-mutliplex days audiences enjoyed complicated posters because they gave people waiting in line something to look at in detail, while today artwork must convey a film’s intent even when it’s postage-stamp sized on your phone. Great poster artists like John Alvin and Bob Peak get their due, and we learn heartbreaking bits of trivia like the fact that Roger Kastel’s original Jaws painting was taken from him by the studio and never given back.

Text taken from article By Luke Y. Thompson (Nerdist)